Gárdonyi Géza útca 12.
1026 Budapest

PONT Reklam Kft. was one of the first outdoor advertising companies in Hungary. Since 1988 the Budapest-based PONT Reklam Kft. has been present throughout the country with its outstanding products.

We install and rent strategically positioned billboards and other eye-catching advertising media in prominent, highly frequented locations. This way we achieve the highest range and the best target group contact for you and your product. With our personalized campaigns, we generate an effective presence for your advertising message according to your wishes.

For a high recognition effect, plan your meaningful advertising campaign with PONT Reklam Kft.!

Also visit our parent company Berliner StadtWerbung GmbH.

Director: Viktor Koltai
Business Registration Number: 01-09-061038
+36 12009410

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